Winona Amateur Radio Club applied for and has been accepted as at Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador by the National weather service. In the LaCrosse Weather service jurisdiction, only 4 other amateur radio groups enjoy that distinction. Click HERE for more information.

SKYWARN® spotters provide essential information for all types of weather hazards, the main responsibility of a SKYWARN® spotter is to identify and describe severe local storms. In the average year, 10,000 severe thunderstorms, 5,000 floods and more than 1,000 tornadoes occur across the United States. These events threatened lives and property.

SKYWARN® storm spotters are part of the ranks of citizens who form the Nation’s first line of defense against severe weather. There can be no finer reward than to know that their efforts have given communities the precious gift of time–seconds and minutes that can help save lives.

Skywarn training in the Winona area is provided by the La Crosse NWS office. Training is available in person or online. See for upcoming training sessions.

Dan Goltz, WK0W, is planning a ZOOM SKYWARN training session Monday July 13 at 6:30 pm. Paul, K0ZYV, will send out the access code on the mailing list as the day gets closer.

WARC Skywarn Nets use the 146.640 (-, 100HZ) repeater.

June 28, 2020 Supercells

On June 28, 2020, spotters KB0UDI, WK0W, and N0NAN reported 4 tornadoes touching down in central Winona county.  They were also able to get some amazing shots of the storm.  KF0ACN was able to get some photos and video of the storm as it was passing over Winona. No injuries, deaths, or property damage was reported as the result of the storm.

Lightning Awareness Week

This is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week – June 21-27, 2020

Lightning is a very underrated killer so we hope you can help us promote lightning safety ideas.

Weather Ready Nation Summer 2020 Theme

WRN Ambassadors–

June 1 is a special date meteorologically. It’s the first day of meteorological summer and it is also the first day of the Atlantic and Central Pacific Hurricane Season. This summer, our theme is asking the question…”What does Weather-Ready look like?”

Help us answer this question by engaging your employees, your social networks, and those you serve with safety and preparedness actions. Only together can we make communities ready, responsive, and resilient to extreme weather.