Last week, Mike, W0IH, installed a different antenna for the 160 and 80m bands. 

Previously, we were running a double length ZS6BKW antenna for 160, 80 and 40M, with mixed results on 160 & 80.

For the 20, 15 & 10m bands, we have the driven element off a Mosley Classic beam.

Mike constructed an EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) or, perhaps more accurately referred to as an “Extremely Off Center Fed Dipole” for 160 and 80. The EFHW is a good antenna for harmonics, and should work well on both 160 and 80m.

Best SWR on 160 is 1.8:1 at 1900.  Best SWR on 80M is 1.2:1 at 3900. With the tuner, the antenna appears to tune all the way across both bands.

Using the Arduino driven antenna selector, 40M (1.2:1 at 7200) is still operative on the current double length ZS6BKW, and the Mosley driven element on the higher bands.

Pulse Noise:

By the way, there is often a pulsing noise that seems to occur on 75 and 160, but the “NB” (Noise Blanker, set to a low level) does a very good job of taking the pulsing noise out of the audio.