The remote rig owned by the Winona Amateur Radio Club now has a triband beam, a Mosley Classic 33, set up at the Witoka site. The beam covers the 20, 15 and 10 Meter bands. The rotor is a Yaesu G-800SA connected with cable donated by Skip Green, K7YOO. The antenna was raised by a team consisting of Dan Goltz, WK0W, Justin McElmury, KF0BSI, Austin McElmury, KF0LMB, Paul Degallier, AD0UU, Tony Foerster, KE0PXI, and Mike Foerster, W0IH. The beam is on a 20 foot pole with a thrust bearing at the top, and four ropes to keep the mast vertical. The beam height is about 25’. There is also a thrust bearing, thanks to Mike Cizek, W0VTT, at the top of the stand. The Icom IC-7300 rig at the Witoka site is connected as a server. The system is open to all W0NE club members to use and enjoy. Each operator must use the remote HF station with their own call and within confines of their class license.

There are many advantages to a remote system including lower noise than the city, “having” a radio on your internet-connected computer anywhere in the world or, just plain having an HF rig. Detailed instructions for using the remote rig are at: